What’s so special about our Lithos?

03 Sep

Maybe owning an original masterpiece of your favorite historic map is out of your reach, but you don’t have to feel completely disappointed. Having a copy that comes extremely close to resembling the original could be equally satisfying and could be that prized piece on your wall.  This is where offset prints, also called lithographs in the art world, can be a great option for you. At Great River Arts, we have the best collection of lithograph maps that you can acquire.


Not sure what lithographs are? Forget about digital print for a moment and think “old-school-modern” printing technique. Lithographs are a type of print that involves, creating a master image, commonly using treated inked metal that is transferred to a smooth rubber surface, which is then pressed against a print media which takes up the ink. With this method, the print media does not come into direct contact with the metal plates, and when used in combination with the lithographic process, which involves the repulsion of oil and water, it keeps the non-printing areas ink-free. This process can be time consuming and detailed, and so, printing runs are often kept low to preserve value, which means that sometimes lithographs are limited editions, but other times, original artworks are reproduced for the commercial market.


Great River Art not only has the most beautiful lithographs, but we can offer a discount because we place a large order for the big press. Lithography is one of the best means of mass producing commercial prints, and as such, a big advantage of producing lithographs is the low cost for high volume runs. So the higher the quantity, the lower the unit cost, and we at Great River Arts make our lithographs at super value because at this time they are not in limited editions. We create our lithographs as large as possible to offer the best pricing for our fine art maps, and at a cost that you will love.


The great value and high quality of our lithographs at Great River Arts will make an awesome addition to your personal art collection or a gift for a loved one. Choose your favorite map from our lithograph collection of exquisite, clean and crisp productions. You can have your piece of history on your wall, and you’ll be even happier that you chose Great River Arts who will give you value for your money.

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To order just click the drop down box. Prices $30-$41.00 are a super sized extra special value!



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