Thank you! These look perfect for what I was looking for. (Gift for my brother’s new home) He lives in western NY and we live in upstate NY.

i know you know this but, you are an artist!!
it is even better than i imagined.  i think my daughter will be thrilled.

I wanted to share a few thoughts on the purchase of tour map. I was part of an organization that was looking for a retirement gift for a founding member. She had been a great preservationist of the Flathead Valley. The board wanted to honor her work and we thought of a map being a way to give her the area she had worked so hard to protect. I was thrilled when I found your custom maps. The Flathead Valley  was a perfect solution. You did a fabulous job customizing different aspects of the map and she was over the moon when she received it.
I had seen tour maps at an art show in Whitefish and had taken your card as tour work was so unique and special.
Over the weekend I was at a friends house and she had just purchased the map of Whitefish Lake from a gallery in Whitefish. She was hanging it in her new home. Beautiful piece also.

I believe I saw some of your work at a shop in Whitefish or Kalispell Montana, and should have bought them then!
Thanks so much, Nina Miller

To anyone in the market for an artful and accurate custom map I recommend Lisa Middleton/ Great River Arts.
I originally bought a map Lisa did of the Mississippi River, and loved the detail, quality and colors. The owner of the shop where I had it framed was familiar with Lisa/ Great River Arts, and from her I learned of Lisa’s website, and that she did custom work.

I thought a custom map by Lisa would be a perfect birthday gift for my son-in-law, who loves hunting and fishing, particularly on the Rainy River. When I contacted Lisa she was very accommodating, even though it was a busy time of year for her. Throughout the process of creating the map Lisa was in contact with me about the area to cover, and specific towns and features I wanted to include to personalize the map for us.

The finished product is beautifully done, and made such a special, personal gift. Of course my son-in-law and daughter are delighted with it. They have it hanging in a place of honor in the game/TV room of their new home.

I found Lisa very accommodating and easy to work with and would recommend her without reservation.

Your check is in the mail for payment of my last order, and I would like to order 12 more of The Father of Waters.  I am currently sold out! I didn’t even have them in my store for a week! YAY

Hi, just checkin in..full out on everything 🙂


I wanted to make sure we got some on order, down to almost gone. : )

Great news!  Our maps arrived today in perfect shape.  Many thanks for your careful packaging and prompt delivery. I’ll be sure to let you know what our recipients of these wonderful maps have to say about them.

My husband is redoing his office & has loved maps since he was a kid. I bought your Colorado River Ribbon Print on Amazon (we’re in Colorado Springs) & had it framed to surprise him this weekend when we tackle that job.

All the other maps on this order will be gifts for great friends.