Montana 1906 map used as a prop in a beautiful music video.

12 Mar

It started last summer.
Got a call for 2 overnight Giclees…
OH NO only 1 in stock…Had to disassemble a personal framed copy!

Then I discovered….the customer wanted them both abused, beat up and mangled!  This required special attention! They were to be a prop in a MOVIE!

OUT came the coffee grinds! OUT came the steel wool!

I rubbed them in dirt, doused them with grime, creased them outside in, inside out, upside down. Soaked them, dried them, soaked soaked again.

I was so excited and I was happy to spend the rest of the evening manhandling them.  Usually I handle the museum quality giclees with such tenderness…this felt like a violation!  Abomination!

1226880_10201158373975896_1941890331_o 1230335_10201158376215952_983158264_o 1228525_10201158376615962_1443059305_o 1226890_10201158375815942_808601788_o 1226831_10201158374575911_1898017418_o1171305_10201158377095974_788627070_o

I woke up early the next morning and roughed them up some more and met the overnight deadline. Now months later I’m able to see the maps as props in the Music video! Great music by the way.  You can see it here.

I’m so proud!  I love the little surprises of being an artist and contributing to a larger story!

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