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Discovery Map Series: The Route of the Alaska Excursion Steamers

10 May

Charles S. Fee’s 1891 map, titled “The Route of the Alaska Excursion Steamers” shows the routes of the Alaskan Steams from cities in the U.S and Canada to different locations in Alaska. These excursion steamers traveled on the Northern Pacific Railroad and leased lines. Charles S. Fee began his railroad career in 1873 as general […]

Discovery Map Series: Millroy’s map of Alaska and the Klondyke gold fields.

03 May

The Rand, McNally & Co.’s Alaska map is the work of Rand, McNally and Company, published in Chicago in 1878. It is from the Rand McNally & Co’s Business Atlas that contains large-scale maps of the territory of the United States, the provinces of Canada, West India Islands, a list of counties and towns, lakes […]

Travel Map Feature: 226 Rio Grande River Map

07 Apr

The fourth longest river in the U.S., the Rio Grande, originates in the Rocky Mountains at the southwestern part of Colorado, twisting like a snake across the Southwest, passing through fertile valleys, amazing canyons, mountains, and desert shelves, and eventually emptying into the Gulf of Mexico Early occupants of the Rio Grande region were Native […]

Travel Map Feature: 269-San Juan Island, Salish Sea

24 Mar
3.4 Trave copy

Forget about a tropical retreat for a moment and think of a panoramic valley, dotted with cows, vineyards, iconic lighthouses, whale watching in the distance, and lush forest. San Juan Island is one of four islands, and the second-largest of the San Juan Archipelago, located in the northwest region of the contiguous United States between the […]

Travel Map Feature: North and South Hutchinson Island

03 Mar
Untitled-3 copy

Hutchinson Island is known for its beautiful, pristine, sandy beaches, nature preserves and parks. The long, thin island stretches for 23 miles and is over a mile wide at various points. It is situated roughly Northwest to Southeast and bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Indian River on the west, the […]