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Weekly Map Giveaway Winner!

06 Aug

Sign up for our weekly map give-away here! This week’s mystery winner is… corning.gayle@ If your email address starts with “corning.gayle” please email me at: to claim your free map! The entire email address has been omitted for your privacy. The name on this page is changed weekly, and chosen with Thank you […]

Travel Map Feature: Lake Norman, North Carolina

02 Aug
3.2 Travel Map

The Lake Norman region supports a diverse flora and fauna. Aquatic plants include alligatorweed, coon’s tail, waterweed, while common species of trees comprises bald cypress, water tupelo, red maple, sweetgum, water ash and water oak. An abundance of fish can be found in Lake Norman, including carp, spotted sucker, redbreast sunfish, silver redhorse, spottail shiner, […]

Discovery Map Series: Map Of The Hawaiian Islands 1876

31 Jul

Under the direction of William D. Anderson, Surveyor General of the Hawaiian Government Survey, Map of the Hawaiian Islands, 1876 was created and published for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of American independence by J. L. Smith Co. More specifically, it was for the Hawaiian Exhibit at the International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures and Products […]

Discovery Map Series :1867 County Map of New York State

24 Jul

This county map of the state of New York by Samuel Augustus Mitchell is detailed out to the county level. Special attention is given to geographical features, towns, cities, and proposed railroads. The railroad was a major form of transportation during the time, and as such, new depots and railway lines were always in the […]

Discovery Map Series: 001 1737 Heirs Map of British North American Territories

17 Jul
2. Education

This map is a derivative work by Heir. It was taken from a British territories map produced by Herman Moll. Derivative works were common among cartographers. It was considered a sort of honor to have your work serve as the basis for future productions. It spoke to the accuracy and expert craftsmanship you had produced. […]

Travel Tuesday Map Series: 010 A new map of Lake Pepin 2014 By Lisa Middleton

12 Jul

  This beautiful 2014 historical and geographical map of Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River was created by Midwestern Map Artist, Lisa R. Middleton from current U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Charts. It pinpoints numerous islands and landmarks visible to those cruising on land or on water. The Sea Wing, traveling between Lake City and […]

Discovery Map Series: 101 Oregon, Upper California and New Mexico 1849

10 Jul

This map is an example of Mitchell’s 1849 map of the West, at the time of the discovery of gold in California and immediate after the completion of Fremont’s final expedition. This is one of the best maps of the West of the era, reflecting the contemporary knowledge of the west. The California Gold Regions […]