September Note from Lisa

03 Sep
Summer has ended like a lion, taking with it one of our remaining chalets in Glacier National Park.
A Personal Note From Me To You
Rest in Peace Sperry Chalet.
This was a popular picnic spot, or turn around point. A place to rest before pushing on up for a second day of hiking over the Continental Divide.

As the fires rage on we start to hope for snow, for that is now what can stop the fires. It seems like all of our summers in Montana as of late end in us looking forward to the end of it, the change of the seasons, knowing that nothing stays the same- that too much of a good thing- can be to much to bear.

On a more positive note I have enjoyed a 2 week last minute sales and promotion trip to the Oregon Coast for my first time! I’ve been inspired about ways to capture the coasts and the bays.
I also stopped in to see my friend Doug Leen  at his new warehouse in Seattle! Doug and I met a couple years ago at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole and since then he’s encouraged me on my map journey. He is responsible for the original practice of restoring and recreating the WPA style posters and is always cheering me on throughout the year.

Seeing friends and loved ones always makes my travel so much more meaningful.

My niece Abby is excited to help out with the assembly of note cards and magnets!

Now she is organizing her own art show booth and helping Grandma with her orders! Mom and I like to think that someday my nieces or nephew may enjoy maps and books like we do, making a family business so much more meaningful!

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