Cruising the River…September 2013

17 Feb

I was so lucky to ride the riverboat with Mom for a few days!  What classy old-world luxury.  Thanks for showing me the ropes, Pat Middleton, and so much more!

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 beautiful Tiffany stained glass at St. Luke’s in Dubuque Iowa

Mom and Bonnie from the Iowa Store in Dubuque Iowa…Great River’s customer for 20 years!


All the details of riverboat class


beautiful evenings on the river



a real autograph of Louis Tiffany


Front deck


 the boat has to take the steam stack down when going under low bridges.


 Dad and I enjoying the front porch


 another beautiful evening shot


 Mom gave presentations on the bow twice a day


 it was wonderful to meet famed riverboat painter Michael Blazer whose work adorns the boat.


 The American Queen is so beautiful!





 the paddlewheel is mesmerizing and relaxing


 the big steamboat outside Dubuque IA


 the Gentleman’s room aboard the boat


 I was so excited!


 one of the dinner rooms aboard



the presentation room- real old world style!


 the Mark Twain Room as you enter the boat


the welcoming committee in Burlington, IA


 Mom works hard on the boat but she sure loves it!


 Mom talking to an inquisitive guest




I’m SO proud to have my maps in the gift shop next to Mark Twain’s books!


 the Ladies quarters as you enter the boat.


 the Mark Twain room…all the details


 big bald eagle along the river











 Meet and Greet in the gift shop.


 I met riverboat painter Michael Blazer on board!


 Lisa and Dad saying goodby to Mom as she sailed away for another week on the boat.


 Me feeling myschevious at my last lunch on the boat with Mom.



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