Snagging the attention of millennials

05 Apr

Don’t be afraid of this fun-loving bunch! Recent marketing and sales trends indicate: it’s now advised we start product development and merchandising to those pesky Millennials! Surprisingly they spend less time on social media and prefer to shop in person!

Enhancing Millennial Customer Interaction

Millennials have become the demographic that is driving marketing strategies for many businesses. Their communication and buying habits are significantly different than other generations before them. Technological advancements are partly to blame, which influences how they interact with businesses. Communicating with millennials lies in the power of interaction, which is perhaps the primary luxury ingredient to win them over. 

Get personal on their terms

Messaging – either via a smartphone SMS texting app or other messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is the primary mode of communication for millennials. Millennials perceive conversations through these mediums as more thoughtful and personal than more traditional modes for having conversations. It’s best for marketers to adapt in order to be able to effectively interact with this demographic and yield positive results.

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With messaging, millennials can check their words, edit and communicate in a precise manner. This allows for messages that are more thought-out. Messages, whether by email or a messaging app should be direct, precise and simple, but more importantly, human in its delivery. Avoid making a sales pitch and interact with millennials in a conversational tone, while keeping some degree of formality intact, encouraging engagement and providing value. Millennials are very positive and not very sarcastic. 

Offer Flexibility

Having flexibility is important when interacting with millennials, who likes to do things on their own time and like to have options. Your brand needs to sync with their experience. For example, millennials spend a lot of time on smartphones and laptops, sometimes simultaneously, and your business should be available on multiple platforms to engage them. They shouldn’t have to be present in your gift shop to know what you offer. They should easily find this out on their devices while at home, work or commuting.  

Get Onboard Social Platforms

The millennial generation is highly connected with their family, friends and colleagues. They have a strong, active presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

To effectively communicate with millennial consumers, take the interaction to the social platforms that they prefer. Build your brand, enhance engagement and build trust on these platforms and watch your business grow. 

Great River Arts understand that millennials are a value-based, tech-savvy, resilient and adaptable generation. We offer the personalized experiences that they are drawn to through maps of their favorite places, the best value for their money, and the appreciation for their loyalty. 

Local Branding Opportunities

Millennials love maps!

Branding opportunities are available with Great River Arts for orders over 24 units, and zip code exclusivity is also available.  

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