A note from me…May

04 May
It has been a healing month at home…my first period of time off since becoming a full time artist! I have to say it’s been hard to adjust to the pace and keeping myself from becoming too overwhelmed or too lazy-resulting in the feeling of moving through molasses!I’ve had an explosive period of creativity as well as home art shows, and connecting with galleries in my local area.  I feel shored up and ready to start my summer tour.

I’m looking forward to seeing my LaCrosse friends and patrons at Artspire, Riverfest, and Wine Guyz! I’m very interested to find out what the rondezvous visitors will think of my maps.

Attending the Bellvue Art Museum show is undoubtedly a feather in my cap as is attending the Jackson Hole Western Design Show.

Lots to look forward to!
Best wishes until we meet again,

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