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Discovery Map Series: Expedition Through The Rocky Mountains 1842

04 Jul

Called the “Pathfinder,” John Charles Fremont was a skilled surveyor, mathematician and explorer who ventured on important expeditions deep into the American West. His work “Map of an Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842 and to Oregon & North California in the Years, 1843-44” was a seminal one, published in 1845 in a […]

Travel Tuesday Map Feature: Crystal Coast, North Carolina

29 Jun

The Crystal Coast is an 85-mile stretch of coastline extending from the Cape Lookout National Seashore to southwestward to the New River, encompassing the entire area along the Bogue Banks, a barrier island that stretches for more than 20 miles. It is a mixture of colorful history, quiet stretches of beaches, quaint small towns, historic homes, picturesque […]

Discovery Map Series: Portolan Chart of Africa

27 Jun
3.1 Educational

In 1633, Pascal Roiz created the nautical chart titled by cataloger, A Portolan Chart of the Atlantic Ocean and Adjacent Continents. Pascoal Roiz was a Portuguese cartographer and portolan maker with origins in Lisbon and who was active during the 17th century. This historical portolan chart shows the Atlantic Ocean, southeast Pacific Ocean, the southwest […]

Travel Map Feature: Beaufort and the Sea Islands, South Carolina

22 Jun

Discovered by Spanish Captain Pedro de Salaza in 1514, Beaufort is the second oldest city in South Carolina, behind Charleston, and is situated in the heart of the Sea Islands and South Carolina Lowcountry, on Port Royal Island. It was chartered by the British in 1711, and is known for its scenic location and for preserving a […]

Discovery Map Series: Africae Nova

20 Jun
3.2 Educational

This mid-17th century map, Africae Nova Tabula, created by the Dutch cartographer Jodocus Hondius (1563-1612), is a beautiful decorative map of the continent of Africa, and was published in 1640 in Paris by Chez Iean Boisseau. Jodocus Hondius established himself as one of the most prominent geographers and engravers during the 17th century. Amsterdam was […]

Discovery Map Series: Portolan Chart Of The Mediterranean And Black Seas With The West Coast Of Spain And Portugal

13 Jun
black seas 2

Titled “Portolan Atlas of the Mediterranean Sea, Western Europe and the Northwest Coast of Africa” by a cataloger, Catalan cartographer Joan Oliva is believed to be the mapmaker behind the creation of this portolan chart created in Italy in 1590. This chart, which represents the [Eastern Mediterranean] is one of five portolan charts in the […]

Weekly Map Giveaway Winner!

12 Jun

Sign up for our weekly map give-away here! This week’s mystery winner is… aaron.kohlheep@ If your email address starts with “aaron.kohlheep@ please email me at: to claim your free map! The entire email address has been omitted for your privacy. The name on this page is changed weekly, and chosen with Thank you […]

Travel Tuesday Map Feature: Paradise Valley, MT

08 Jun

In southwestern Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park and nestled between the Absaroka Range to the east and the Gallatin Range to the west is Paradise Valley. This Montana gem follows the Yellowstone River, and boasts 53 miles of breathtaking, scenic landscape, stretching through rich rolling farmland, hot springs, flowing crystal, clear rivers, acres […]

Discovery Map Series: Most Considerable Plantations of the English in America 1700

06 Jun

Originally produced in 1700 by cartographer Sutton Nicholls and “A New Map of the Most Considerable Plantations of the English in America” shows the English plantations in North America on a single sheet that encompasses five inset maps of Nova Scotia, Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados, and the Carolinas. English mathematician and geographer professor at Oxford, England, […]

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