Montana 1906 map used as a prop in a beautiful music video.

12 Mar

It started last summer. Got a call for 2 overnight Giclees… OH NO only 1 in stock…Had to disassemble a personal framed copy! Then I discovered….the customer wanted them both abused, beat up and mangled!  This required special attention! They were to be a prop in a MOVIE! OUT came the coffee grinds! OUT came the […]

The Vinland Map

04 Mar

In 1957 this map surfaced in rare map circles, and offered anonymously for sale to the British Museum.  Significantly it included an accurate depiction of Canada, the storied Vinland of the Icelandic Sagas. The map predated Columbus by 50 years and a Viking map had never surfaced prior to this time. The map was purchased […]

March at Last! And a special offer on our beautiful IRELAND 1906!

01 Mar

  Until March 18!! SALE! 25% off! Our Ireland 1906, hand-painted by Lisa Middleton This is a beautiful historic map of all the major rivers and cities in Ireland circa 1906 by one of my favorite cartographers, John Bartholomew of Edinburgh. 11×14″ Gift Print, 18×24 Giclee, and 24×36 Giclee 25% until March 18! Please visit this Etsy listing to […]

Newest work

17 Feb

        Plan of New Orleans The Capital of Louisiana; with the Disposition of its Quarters and Canals as they have been traced by Mr. de la Tour in the year 1720 . . . Description: This early English plan of New Orleans was drawn by Thomas Jefferys, one of London’s top map […]

Wine Guys Art Show 2013

17 Feb

We had a DELIGHTFUL experience at the Wine Guyz Oktoberfest map exhibition!  We were so engaged the night of the reception we have very few pictures. Mom did a great job framing quite a few beauties for the show.  My family pitched in to hang the paintings, attend the reception, and take them all down. […]

Made in Montana Report: March 2013

17 Feb

  Made in Montana Report: March 2013   I had a huge learning experience at my first wholesale tradeshow at the Made In Montana Marketplace in March 2013!  Luckily I had great traveling weather and I got to experience more of Montana’s exquisite early spring beauty.           A jeweler from Seeley Lake, MT offered to […]