Our brand new PLAN OF NEW ORLEANS and the Mouth of the Mississippi River, as Drawn in 1720.

04 Feb


Plan of New Orleans The Capital of Louisiana; with the Disposition of its Quarters and Canals as they have been traced by Mr. de la Tour in the year 1720 . . .


This early English plan of New Orleans was drawn by Thomas Jefferys, one of London’s top map makers during the period prior to the American Revolution.

The map shows a detailed plan of New Orleans, at the start of the French & Indian War, providing a detailed overview of the town, including street names, building locations and the names of important public locations, civilian and military, with a inset key of other place names in the upper left corner.  The four major roads into New Orleans are also shown, along with a detailed study of the Mississippi River in 2 insets on the right side of the map.   Following the Treaty of Paris in 1763, New Orleans would become one of 2 French Outposts in North America, after the French conceded their rights to all of their North American colonial possessions, except New Orleans and two important islands for retention of fishing rights in the Grand Banks.


The outlines of the buildings are detailed, and major structures are labeled, such as the “Parish Church” of St. Louis, the monastery of the “Capuchin-Fryars”, the ‘House of the Indendant”, and the “Hospital and Convent of the Ursulines,” the latter being the oldest building in the city that survives to this day.

Map Maker and Publisher: Thomas JefferysPlace / Date: London / 1759,
Original Coloring: Uncolored, Original Size: 20 x 14 inches
Estimated Price for the original map in 2013: $2,400.00

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