Guns Amo and Art

17 Feb

I had so much fun at my first show I was ready for another!

A gun show was occurring at the same location the following weekend for three days for less than half of what I paid for my booth at the craft show so I said sure, “Men love maps!”


I was ready with my kakhi and olive green, military sweater; I was ready to talk about hunting and game, and I was ready to talk maps.  I was ready for flannel, camo, plaid, and carharts.


It was fun.  Not much for sales but I did get lists of books to read up on my Montana history.  I also learned about David Thompson, a mapmaker and explorer  who arrived at the Columbia River George 10 years prior to Lewis and Clark.  He’s known for his prolific and accurate maps.  I also found out about a fun Rendezvous my Mom and I will attend in North Dakota in June as vendors.


I’m glad I went!  I didn’t have much else to do with my weekend!  What can I say?  I’m hooked!  I love being an artist and representing my work.  I think there’s a real future for me, and I think I can almost really have my dream job (at least nights and weekends!)





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