Travel Tuesday Map Series: Custom Map Exuma Islands Featuring Staniel Key

07 May

Where are the Exuma Islands? The Bahamas.

Rich in history, culture, heritage, and tranquil natural beauty, the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas calls to the connoisseurs of Caribbean island life, and those individuals who desire to retreat to a place that seemingly slows in time and offers up naturally wondrous  untainted pieces of paradise. 

A journey to these islands is to discover an oasis unlike any other, filled with wanders and secrets untold. In the words of Martin Buber: All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” A journey to the Exumas islands  is sure to reveal secret beaches, secluded spots, and inviting places travelers never dreamed about.

Largely untouched, underdeveloped, and sparsely populated, they have a deep history beginning with the landing of Christopher Columbus on one of the Bahamian Islands he called San Salvador in 1492. Different groups in search of a better life including the Lucayan Tribe, English Puritans, as well as skilled craftsmen settled in the region. Furthermore, remnants of slavery are evident in the region’s rich West African heritage, very much alive in the music, dance, food, and particular celebrations that shape the region.

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