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Discovery Map Series: Portolan Chart Of The Mediterranean And Connecting Seas 1550

12 Feb

It was in the year 1793 that Captain James Colnett of the Royal Navy set sail in the merchant ship Rattler to do a survey of the Galapagos Islands to investigate the possibilities of sperm-whale fisheries in the region. Colnett’s Chart of the Galapagos is the first fairly accurate map of the archipelago. It was […]

Travel Tuesday Map Series: Lakes of Sawyer County, Wisconsin

07 Feb

Lakes of Sawyer County & Vicinity Wisconsin Historic Map There’s more to a lake than it simply being a body of water. Many lakes have helped to shape the vibrant history and culture of certain regions. Lakes provides environmental benefits, influence quality of life, strengthen economies through tourism, provide amazing opportunities for recreation and cottage/residential […]

Travel Tuesday Map Series: St. Lucie Inlet, Florida

31 Jan

Immediately south of Jupiter Inlet Light in Palm Beach County, Florida is Jupiter Inlet, an opening in the beach, that leads to Jupiter Sound on the north, Loxahatchee River on the west, and Lake Worth Creek on the south. Fourteen miles south of St. Lucie Inlet, this turquoise runway to the Atlantic Ocean was originally […]

Discovery Map Series: Acadia National Park, Maine

29 Jan

Acadia National Park is commonly referred to as the Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast of the United States and is a national treasure of notable proportion located along the mid-section of the Maine coast. The park was established in January of 1929 and protects just under 50,000 acres, of which, roughly 35,332 acres […]

Travel Tuesday Map Feature: Yosemite National Park California

17 Jan

Yosemite National Park California Map Art Wall Decor Poster There are several natural wonders across America and the Yosemite National Park is one of the breathtaking beauties that continues to give charm abundantly. Naturalist, conservationist, and Scottish writer John Muir once said, “Yosemite Park… None can escape its charms. Its natural beauty cleans and warms […]

Discovery Map Series: Charlotte Harbor, Florida

08 Jan

Charlotte Harbor, Lee County Florida boasts some of the most beautiful beaches that are the most popular attractions for visitors to this region of Florida’s coastline. Ponce de Leon is believed to have explored the barrier islands of Lee County when he ventured along Florida’s Gulf coast in 1513 and 1521. There was very little settlement […]