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The cartographer draws the map. The artist makes it beautiful. -Vatican Art Collection

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Our Most Popular Maps Make Great Christmas Gifts! Free Shipping until Christmas and Surprise gift with every order placed on Cyber Monday!

24 Nov

There are only 5 Fridays left until Christmas!! Actually, there are only 4 if you do not count Christmas itself! Some of you just started to sweat when you read those first two sentences. Your mind began to race and so did your heart rate. Fear not though my friends. I come with good tidings […]

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Product Types



Usually several times larger than the original map, Map Artist Lisa Middleton
debuts the map in the way it was meant to be enjoyed...
As a treasured centerpiece. Framed and unframed
options are available. Map artist Lisa Middleton
also welcomes opportunities to design a map for you and
to paint historical maps. Please request a price quote.
Please click here to order an original painting.
Please click here to see a video about my custom maps.


Pronounced GEE-clay, giclées are the most accurate method of reproducing a
painting that we have today. Developed in the late 1980's
this technology utilizes high end ink jet printers and
museum quality paper and inks. Giclees are sized 18x24",
24x36", 40x60".  Each Giclée is signed and numbered and
comes with an historical statement and certificate of
authentication.  Giclées are packaged on foam core or in a hard tube.


These affordable maps are miniature versions of the
masterpiece. They are perfect for travel, mailing and gift
giving. They are signed through 25 and include a
historical statement .
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What people are saying about Great River Arts

Absolutely stunning map – beautiful!


“I will be able to show my grandchildren the route their great, great , great grandmother’s wagon train took coming to California.
Your map will become a part of our family’s heritage.”

Lisa, I purchased this railroad map from you in Fountain Hills, Az a few months ago. I found some barn wood at a neighbor’s garage sale, and put together a frame for it. Your work is incredible. Can’t wait to see more of your work at future shows.