Are you in Love With Flathead Valley?

22 Jan

In Love with Montana and the Flathead Valley? Add some Big Sky to your home or office with our Montana map collection! 287-Ornate Flathead Lake, Montana Designed and Painted by Lisa Middleton 158 Hiking trails of Glacier National Park Custom Designed by Lisa Middleton 288-Flathead Valley, Montana 135 Whitefish Lake, Montana Custom map Designed By […]

The Brave Map Depicting the new Contintent

17 Jan

Did you know that before this map Europeans believed that the world was divided into only three parts? They knew a world divided into Europe, Asia, and Africa. This ambitious project served to document and update new geographic knowledge derived from the discoveries of explorers in  the late 15th and early 16th centuries, and in […]

Now Introducing Great River Artist’s Services

15 Jan

  If you or anyone you know travels too much to print and ship their own online orders (like me) we are now opening our doors to 2-3 more artists! Please email me to schedule a call! Please click below to see a short slide presentation about our services.

Help your customers design their own maps!

09 Jan

Help Your Customers Design their own Maps! Perfect for Family estates, ranches, resorts, vacations and milestones! Why work with us: 1. Effortless fulfillment services- you just close the sale and charge what you want! 2. Proven Customer service and sample work. 3. Satisfied customers include Wisconsin Public Radio, Farm Bureau Insurance, and Turner Enterprises. Payment: Our list price is $3,500 […]

Railroad 5-book Bundle

08 Jan
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BUNDLE AND SAVE More than $25! Limited time offer! Michael Gillespie’s 5-book River and Rail Steam Bundle! A $110 Gift Pack of our Most Popular Paperback Transportation books for Just $90! A perfect match for Lisa Middleton’s historic maps from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries! Paperback series of Mike Gillespie’s most beloved […]

Maps in the Golden Age and Explorations of Southern Lands

04 Jan

After the Age of Discovery enough information about geographical features from surveys had been collected that map makers were able to create maps of much higher accuracy. During the late 15th Century the Italians largely dominated map making. By the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Netherlands had become the center of mapmaking. In the Netherlands […]

La Salle’s Long Lost Map

02 Jan
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Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionnale   Compiled between 1909 and 1910 from his original 1688 map, which was based on a lost map drawn up by René-Robert Cavelier La Salle, Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franquelin’s map titled “Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionnale” translated “Map of North America,” is a highly significant map depicting the French discoveries and exploration in the region 20 […]