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Your check is in the mail for payment of my last order, and I would like to order 12 more of The Father of Waters.  I am currently sold out! I didn’t even have them in my store for a week! YAY

Hi, just checkin in..full out on everything 🙂


I wanted to make sure we got some on order, down to almost gone. : )

Great news!  Our maps arrived today in perfect shape.  Many thanks for your careful packaging and prompt delivery. I’ll be sure to let you know what our recipients of these wonderful maps have to say about them.

My husband is redoing his office & has loved maps since he was a kid. I bought your Colorado River Ribbon Print on Amazon (we’re in Colorado Springs) & had it framed to surprise him this weekend when we tackle that job.

All the other maps on this order will be gifts for great friends.

Thank you Lisa! They are a hit!
Thank you again, your work is beautiful!

“I’ve had a great response from my customers! And may have already sold over half of my order! May I order 12 more? Thank you! Thank you!”
I really appreciate the connection you make between art and map making.  I share your enthusiasm for historic maps and the remarkable perceptions and observations early explorers made in regions we have spent our lives in.

Thank you Lisa. You’ve been go great to deal with.  I really appreciate all the work you put into making the map of the Rainy River and the US / Canada border.


I am so pleased with my map of Lake Norman. It went to the frame shop two days after arriving. My husband and I have lived in this “inland sea” area for the majority of our 49 years of marriage. Your artwork will be forever cherished.