February Newsletter 2014

19 Feb

Welcome to our Monthly ART AT HEART Newsletter. New Maps, New Show Schedules, and so much more from Lisa Middleton. Hereafter, Newsletters will be posted under the NEWSLETTER SIGN UP button! Sign Up and be entered into the monthly raffle of an 11×14″ Easy Frame Gift Print of a hand-painted historic map by Lisa Middleton!

Welcome back from the Holidays!
I don’t know about you but I’m ready for spring!

Show Schedule!
Tell your neighbors! Tell your friends!
March 7-9 Jim Custer Spring Show, Spokane
March 21-22 Made in Montana, Helena
March 29-30 Best of the Northwest, Seattle
April 25-27: Art Under the Elms, Lewiston Idaho

New Maps!
We are welcoming some beautiful new maps to our collection!  Welcome to a beautiful New Montana and Nevada!  Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Iowa Territory are ON DECK!

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 New on You Tube! Great River Arts is NOW ON YOUTUBE!!!Every month I will be releasing one new video as an educational tool to help share the stories in our old maps. Please feel free to share this video with friends who may be interested in my historic map collection.
Please view my newest video by clicking on the link below, or right here!
To help my stats just take 1:08 minutes and please let it play all the way to the end! http://youtu.be/4P8ZlsLnOhY
I am a new feature artist on www.fineartamerica.com!
Fine art America offers our Historic map prints in multiple, easy to choose sizes, or as canvas prints, metal prints, custom note cards, and framed prints available too! Visit my page here!
New Product!  We have PHONE SKINS with Stylus and Bumper! Just $29.00!
Visit our BOOK PAGE for reviews each month of several MAP related books!

I had an interesting start to the year…I was pictured in a national magazine in January,Sunshine Artist!  The maps look great in the picture but they captioned it with the wrong name!  The Jim Custer show director Cheryl Branz called to give me the good news and bad news…and said she’d save me a place in the spring show! We are both hoping for a reprint in the March publication.  I am still secretly amazed and this is Super special to me…I hold it dear in the pockets of my heart (you know, the places where you keep pebbles and feathers and fairy dust.)                                                                 
Mom and I had a special time at the Minneapolis Marketplace at the end of January.  I’m very lucky to have such a supportive and talented mom.  We may not attend any more big shows, but we did interest a Rep to take our products to other markets.  As much as I love to go to art shows there aren’t enough of me to go around to attend as many as I’d like to! I welcome wholesale orders so the maps can be celebrated around the country.

My maps and I will be challenged by all the juried shows we’ve been accepted this year.  I have an impressive pile up the next 10 months.  Please send me your good mojo for safe travels since my shows will include Wisconsin, Utah, and the big city.

Warmest wishes for the greatest success on your journeys,

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