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Educational Map Series: The Most Important Regional Map of America in the 17th Century

01 Jul
061 John Smith's Map of Virginia 1606

Believed to have been published in Amsterdam in 1642, Nova Virginiae Tabvla is the work of Flemish cartographer and engraver Hendrik Hondius. Hondius was apprenticed to Godfried van Ghelder in Brussels, studied drawing with the engraver Jan Wierix of Antwerp, and he also studied engraving along the way, to which he dedicated himself as a […]

RETAILER FEATURE: Well-Organized Retail Displays!

13 Jun

When your customers search through your store looking to fall in love with a new piece of artwork, there are plenty of things you can do to make their search easier. One of the best ways you can enhance their experience is by improving your displays. By investing in backing boards, barrels, and bins, you’ll […]

Old Map Studies: Maps in the Golden Age and Explorations of Southern Lands!

06 Jun

After the Age of Discovery enough information about geographical features from surveys had been collected that map makers were able to create maps of much higher accuracy. During the late 15th Century the Italians largely dominated map making. By the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Netherlands had become the center of mapmaking. In the Netherlands […]

Old Map Feature: The First Transcontinental Map of the U.S.

03 Jun

Regarded as one of the most significant maps of the 19th century, John Melish’s “Map of the United States of America: With the Contiguous British and Spanish Possessions, 1816,” depicts the United States extending from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast on the North American continent. It is said to be the first transcontinental […]

Celestial Map Series Part 4: March, February, January + December, November, October

20 May
celestial january, february, march

The Constellations (March, February, January; December, November, October) It was in 1922 that the modern-day constellations were recognized by the International Astronomical Union(IAU), and in 1930, Belgian astronomer Eugene Delporte defined the borders of the 88 official constellations, a leap from a simple informal representation and interpretation of the heavens based on the shapes made […]

Constellation Charts Part 3: September, August, July + June, May, April

13 May
june may april celestial

The Constellations (September, August, July; June, May, April) Star gazing into the night sky creates a sense of wonder and curiosity. The names of the constellations, their stars, the image they create and their place in the heavens, all play into what makes celestial maps so intriguing and useful in understanding the stars. September’s ten […]

Celestial Charts Part 2: North and South Pole Constellations

09 May
north and south pole celestial maps

As stars change positions in the night sky based on the seasons, so do the constellations, and interestingly enough, there are some constellations that are unique to the northern and southern hemisphere, known as circumpolar constellations. “The Constellations (South Pole; North Pole),” engraved by W.G Evans, under the direction of Elijah H. Burritt, shows a […]

Educational Map Series: Burritt’s Geography of the Heavens Part 1

06 May

Eighteenth and 19th century technologies transformed the way the night sky was observed and led to the discovery of celestial wonders, from stars, galaxies, meteors, moons, planets and comets, to nebulae. The result was, in part, the creation of celestial maps that showed an exponential number of stars in the heavens, adding to the awe […]