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Weekly Map Giveaway Winner!

25 Aug

Sign up for our weekly map give-away here! This week’s mystery winner is… bnjohnson58@ If your email address starts with “bnjohnson58″ please email me at: to claim your free map! The entire email address has been omitted for your privacy. The name on this page is changed weekly, and chosen with “” Thank you […]

Travel Tuesday Feature Map: Cape Cod — By the Travel Map Specialists @ Great River Arts

24 Jul

Get 50% off this map with discount code: CAPE From beautiful, serene beaches, quaint seaside dining, charming villages, to panoramic shoreline and scenic bike trails, Cape Cod, Massachusetts is an East Coast retreat that is dreamy, rich in history and quite inviting. This peninsula is located on the Easternmost portion of Massachusetts, extending for 65 […]

Our Travel Tuesday Feature Map: Discover Cuba– Maps made by US!

17 Jul
cuba (1)

Use discount code CUBA to receive 50% off your next order! This Caribbean Island nation sits between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and is 150km south of Key West, Florida. In its historic, artistic, cultural, and geographic context, Cuba is a vibrant and fascinating place with attractions that defines the identity of […]

Educational Map Series: Franquelin’s Map of Louisiana, 1684

15 Jul
new ma[

Jean Baptiste Louis Franquelin’s Map of Louisiana, 1684, also known as “Map of Louisiana, or the Voyages of the Sieur de La Salle,” illustrates the careful recorded extent of France’s Louisiana and its progress of western discovery. Published following the French possession of the territory, it outlines the boundaries of the newly acquired lands claimed […]

History of the Compass Rose

15 Jul

  As early as the 1300s, the compass rose became a significant fixture on maps and charts, appearing as a decorative element and used as a vital navigational tool. The first compass rose is said to have appeared on a portolan chart found in the Catalan Atlas, attributed to the Majorcan Jewish cartographer Abraham Cresques […]

Old Map Studies: Myths and Legends of the Ancient Mississippi River Valley as Told Through Maps!

04 Jul

Myths and Legends of the Ancient Mississippi River Valley as Told Through Maps The Mississippi River Valley, running from the present-day U.S. states of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, has been riddled with myths and legends, regarding the settlement, cultural influence and establishment of North American pre-Columbian civilization and what we now accept as […]

Educational Map Series: The Most Important Regional Map of America in the 17th Century

01 Jul
061 John Smith's Map of Virginia 1606

Believed to have been published in Amsterdam in 1642, Nova Virginiae Tabvla is the work of Flemish cartographer and engraver Hendrik Hondius. Hondius was apprenticed to Godfried van Ghelder in Brussels, studied drawing with the engraver Jan Wierix of Antwerp, and he also studied engraving along the way, to which he dedicated himself as a […]

RETAILER FEATURE: Well-Organized Retail Displays!

13 Jun

-Tips for effective map art wall displays- We know you’re the experts in merchandising but here are some things we’ve learned from our shops around the country and our art shows. When your customers search through your store looking to fall in love with a new piece of artwork, there are plenty of things you […]

Old Map Studies: Maps in the Golden Age and Explorations of Southern Lands!

06 Jun

After the Age of Discovery enough information about geographical features from surveys had been collected that map makers were able to create maps of much higher accuracy. During the late 15th Century the Italians largely dominated map making. By the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Netherlands had become the center of mapmaking. In the Netherlands […]