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Discovery Map Series: The Lost Map of Joliet

19 Sep

The story told is that upon returning to Montreal, Canada, following his exploration of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River 1673-1674, with Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet, at the request of French officials, drew from memory the “Nouvelle decouverte de plusieurs nations dans la Nouvelle France en l’année 1673 et 1674”, translated “New […]

Tuesday Travel Feature: The Hiking Trails of Yellowstone National Park

23 Mar

Yellowstone National Park Hiking Trails Custom Map by Lisa Middleton       Largely situated in Wyoming and extending into Idaho and Montana, the Yellowstone National Park is a natural, scientific, and scenic unspoiled beauty. In 1872, it became the first national park in the United States covering an area of more than 3, 400 […]

Old Map Studies: Piri Reis, A Problem Among Antarctica Antique Maps!

31 Jan

Here’s one to throw around during your next cocktail party. The year was 1929, and the date was October 9th. German theologian Gustav Deissmann was rummaging through maps and books housed in the Topkapi Palace library, located in Istanbul, Turkey. While doing so, he discovered one of the most curious antique maps ever made. It […]

Snagging the attention of millennials

05 Apr
Friends chilling outside taking group selfie and smiling. Laughing young people standing together outdoors and taking selfie.

Don’t be afraid of this fun-loving bunch! Recent marketing and sales trends indicate: it’s now advised we start product development and merchandising to those pesky Millennials! Surprisingly they spend less time on social media and prefer to shop in person! Enhancing Millennial Customer Interaction Millennials have become the demographic that is driving marketing strategies for […]

Feature articles for our Retailers

14 Jan

Well-Organized Retail Displays! Suggestions using Grid Wall, Pro Panels, Bins and More. Framing print samples for Maximum Sales Ideas for our favorite frames. Customers love ready-made art! Mastering the Art of Lighting for Maximum Print Sales! Lighting is an inexpensive way to add value to your map display. The importance of placement and rotation of […]

Quick Menu for Last Minute Christmas Map Art Shopping

01 Dec

….  Can’t See the whole Menu?  Please click Post title above posting to expand it!    …………………………             CLICK HERE TO SEARCH our shopping site by any KEYWORD… Search state, date, cartographer, locale, etc. If you don’t find it, Call us! 888-255-7726 Hand painted originals available now! Usual wait period is 1 […]