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Snagging the attention of millennials

05 Apr
Friends chilling outside taking group selfie and smiling. Laughing young people standing together outdoors and taking selfie.

Don’t be afraid of this fun-loving bunch! Recent marketing and sales trends indicate: it’s now advised we start product development and merchandising to those pesky Millennials! Surprisingly they spend less time on social media and prefer to shop in person! Enhancing Millennial Customer Interaction Millennials have become the demographic that is driving marketing strategies for […]

Feature articles for our Retailers

14 Jan

Well-Organized Retail Displays! Suggestions using Grid Wall, Pro Panels, Bins and More. Framing print samples for Maximum Sales Ideas for our favorite frames. Customers love ready-made art! Mastering the Art of Lighting for Maximum Print Sales! Lighting is an inexpensive way to add value to your map display. The importance of placement and rotation of […]

Quick Menu for Last Minute Christmas Map Art Shopping

01 Dec

….  Can’t See the whole Menu?  Please click Post title above posting to expand it!    …………………………             CLICK HERE TO SEARCH our shopping site by any KEYWORD… Search state, date, cartographer, locale, etc. If you don’t find it, Call us! 888-255-7726 Hand painted originals available now! Usual wait period is 1 […]

April Amazon Finds from Lisa

26 Mar

A long time Australia anything enthusiast I dearly enjoyed this book about an Irish Family who emigrated to Australia and found adventure, fortune, and a land to call home. Created by a hard working artisan, these earrings are sure to please Mom I’m hitting the road again soon! I use this freezer to freeze ice […]

Valentines day is February 14! Be ready with our Sweetheart Map: Give your cherished one the world with Our Rivers and World historical map

23 Dec

The World in Hemispheres c. 1860  is especially endearing because of it’s Ribbons, Bows, and Floral decorations. Popular as a Mother’s Day gift and gift for women, this pretty map is great for “her” bathroom or vanity area. In this way you can remind her daily that you’d like to give her the world. It […]

Want multiple maps? Now offering custom wall template just for your room

15 Dec
wall chart 2

With So many beautiful maps to choose from how can you choose just one? Are you frustrated with hanging multiple maps so they are level and nicely spaced? Many collectors hang multiple maps on their walls to display where they have lived, travelled, where their children or grandchildren live. Younger folks display the maps as […]