Discovery Map Series: Antarctic Exploration – Route and Surveys of the South Magnetic Polar Party, 1908-09

07 Jun

The Route and Surveys of the South Magnetic Polar Party, 1908-09 was published in England by the Royal Geographic Society in 1909. The primary contributors of this map are Douglas Mawson, 1882-1958 and Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, 1874-1922. From October 5th, 1908, to the 2nd of February, 1909, a scientific team that included Douglas Mawson made […]

Travel Map Feature: 254 Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Designed by Lisa Middleton

02 Jun

Explore the Apostle Islands in your very own home in gorgeous detail! Designed by map and adventure lovers, Lisa Middleton and her team have created another beautiful masterpiece just for the folks who love the Islands most! Beautiful blues and refreshing Greens, the large prints are awesome because you can read them from across the […]

Discovery Map Series: John Charles Frémont’s Map of Oregon and upper California 1845-1846

31 May

John C. Fremont was an American military officer, early explorer and mapmaker, who was instrumental in the mapping of the American West, and in effect, facilitated settlement in the region, in places like Oregon and California. On his 1842 scientific expedition, Fremont examined the Oregon Trail through the South Pass, detailing the rivers, fertility of […]

Discovery Map Series: Old Alaska Collection

24 May

In March of 1867, the United States purchase Alaska from Russia, expanding U.S. territory in the north. Only a small number of non-natives settled in Alaska in the decade after the purchase, however, that changed with the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush. Alaska was a vast wilderness, but eventually its tourism potential was realized. With those […]

Travel Map Feature: 108 Puget Sound and Surroundings 1877

12 May

1877 Map of Puget Sound and Surrounding Territories- John Hanson You will notice this early map of the Puget Sound and its surroundings is quite detailed. It was drawn by cartographer John Hanson and was compiled as part of the Eastwick, Morris, and Company’s official surveys publication. There are several noteworthy features to mention concerning […]

Discovery Map Series: The Route of the Alaska Excursion Steamers

10 May

Charles S. Fee’s 1891 map, titled “The Route of the Alaska Excursion Steamers” shows the routes of the Alaskan Steams from cities in the U.S and Canada to different locations in Alaska. These excursion steamers traveled on the Northern Pacific Railroad and leased lines. Charles S. Fee began his railroad career in 1873 as general […]