Educational Map Series: Manhattan 1638- the first true map of Manhattan Island!

18 Feb

This beautiful manuscript map is the work of Dutch cartographer and watercolorist Joan Vinckeboons, published in 1639. Vinckeboons came from a family of artists and started out drawing for his father. Around 1640, he got into map-making and is known for his beautiful watercolor manuscript maps of the East and West Indies. His stunning works […]

Retailer Feature: The importance of placement and rotation of product for maximum sales

14 Feb

At Great River Arts, we often tell our customers to focus on placement. Where you hang a piece of artwork in your house can have a great effect on its mood and impact. In some cases, proper placement can even determine whether a painting gets constant complements or goes completely unnoticed. When displaying our historical […]

Educational map Series: California’s First Appearance on a Map!

11 Feb

Join us every Sunday night for our Educational Map Series! For a century, Americae Sive Quartae Orbis Partis Nova Et Exactissima Descriptio (A New and Most Exact Description of America or The Fourth Part of the World) remained the largest map of the Americas. The number of copies that were printed for circulation is unknown, […]

Custom Map Feature: Get your Lake on the Map!

07 Feb
get your lake on the map

We’re working on a lake series for a new client and we’d love to make your lake!! If you’d like your very own Lake Map before Christmas be sure to place your order before Nov. 1.  No custom order fee! No setup fee! Almost all lakes accepted. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.   […]

OLD MAP STUDIES: A Timeline of The Age of Discovery and Notable Explorations

07 Feb

To Be updated! The Age of Discovery and Exploration began around the 15th Century. Over the centuries there were many technical advancements in ship and map making and they reached an apex for most Europeans (save the Vikings) in the 1400’s. The Age of Discovery largely began with the King of Portugal known as Henry […]


04 Feb
the lost map of drake small jpg

  Originally produced by Dutch cartographer and engraver Nicola van Sype, and perhaps published in Antwerp in 1581, La herdike enterprise faict par le Signeur Draeck D’Avoir cirquit toute la Terre is believed to be drawn from a copy of the Queen’s map, also known as the “Whitehall Map,” a large scale map that Francis […]

Are you in Love With Flathead Valley?

22 Jan

In Love with Montana and the Flathead Valley? Add some Big Sky to your home or office with our Montana map collection! 287-Ornate Flathead Lake, Montana Designed and Painted by Lisa Middleton 158 Hiking trails of Glacier National Park Custom Designed by Lisa Middleton 288-Flathead Valley, Montana 135 Whitefish Lake, Montana Custom map Designed By […]

Now Introducing Great River Artist’s Services

15 Jan

  If you or anyone you know travels too much to print and ship their own online orders (like me) we are now opening our doors to 2-3 more artists! Please email me to schedule a call! Please click below to see a short slide presentation about our services.