I was wanting some unique artwork for my walls and wasn’t impressed with the generic options at the store. I love old maps, so was searching around on Etsy for something relating to the region I live in (NW Wisconsin) when I discovered yours. I work in digital property mapping now, but sometimes wish there was still a demand for real cartographers and hand drawn maps with real artistic quality. Old maps are fascinating to me, to see how a landscape was interpreted back then without ever being able to have a birds eye view. You really bring your maps to life! And I love the bit of history you have on most!

Everyone who contributed $100 got your map and there were A LOT in that amount!

Lisa, your maps are so beautiful! Thank you! It was the perfect way to end the live auction and special appeal!

The [Danube]  map blew everyone away. We unveiled it the final night and have received many thank you notes once received at home. You should be very proud of what you created. I know it was a challenge when I contacted you and I personally cannot thank you enough for solving my challenge. The captains of the ships loved the prints so much, I gifted the framed samples to them at the end of the trip. They were very touched by your work!

I met Lisa for the first time at the Great Western Living and Design Show in Great Falls during the Charlie Russel weekend. I was walking by and I noticed her maps and I have always loved maps and use them in my work. When I saw Lisa’s maps I thought they were very exciting and very antique but very modern at the same time. I immediately wanted to use them in my style of work. After talking to Lisa I realized how special the maps were. Whoever purchases one of Lisa’s maps is getting a masterpiece by a modern day master of map making!

Terrance Guardipee Ledger Artist

“I will be able to show my grandchildren the route their great, great , great grandmother’s wagon train took coming to California.
Your map will become a part of our family’s heritage.”

Lisa, I purchased this railroad map from you in Fountain Hills, Az a few months ago. I found some barn wood at a neighbor’s garage sale, and put together a frame for it. Your work is incredible. Can’t wait to see more of your work at future shows.

Lisa does amazing work. Beautiful original piece that I have already had matted and framed. It looks beautiful! I would highly recommend her and her artwork!

“Art just gets better when it can connect on many levels: Artistically, intellectually, historically (in your case), and narratively (if it needs it), etc. You’ve blended-in the old with new technology, a hard nut to crack these days.”

-Bev Doolittle

Just wanted you to know that I just returned from vacation, and the map I purchased from you was already safely here in St Louis.. Thanks for the excellent service.  Map is great!