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Discovery Map Series: Expedition Through The Rocky Mountains 1842

01 Jan

Called the “Pathfinder,” John Charles Fremont was a skilled surveyor, mathematician and explorer who ventured on important expeditions deep into the American West. His work “Map of an Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842 and to Oregon & North California in the Years, 1843-44” was a seminal one, published in 1845 in a […]

Discovery Map Series: History Of The Exploration Of The Colorado 1908

25 Dec

The Grand and other Cañons of the Colorado River of the West from 1540 to 1908 This is a very detailed exploration map of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon, published in 1908 by Robert Brewster Staton. Staton was a civil and mining engineer. In 1889-1890, Staton carried out the Survey for the “Denver Colorado Cañon and Pacific Railway,” […]

Travel Tuesday Map Series: Lakes of Sawyer County and Vicinity, Wisconsin

20 Dec

Lakes of Sawyer County & Vicinity Wisconsin Historic Map There’s more to a lake than it simply being a body of water. Many lakes have helped to shape the vibrant history and culture of certain regions. Lakes provides environmental benefits, influence quality of life, strengthen economies through tourism, provide amazing opportunities for recreation and cottage/residential […]

Tuesday Travel Feature: The Cultural Coast

29 Nov

As far back as the 1920s and even to this day, Florida’s Cultural Coast is still a flourishing hub of creative vision and cultural significance. Its dynamic art scene, architecture, diversity, and white sand beaches are the magnets that draw many to experience the very best of one of Florida’s gem. Created in 1921, Florida’s […]

Travel Map Feature: 183 Discover Cuba

15 Nov

This Caribbean Island nation sits between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and is 150km south of Key West, Florida. In its historic, artistic, cultural, and geographic context, Cuba is a vibrant and fascinating place with attractions that defines the identity of Cuba and its people. Its landscape features scattered rugged mountain ranges, […]

Travel Map Feature: The Beaches of Cancun

08 Nov
3. Travel

Cancun, Mexico is a place rich in Mayan culture, that boasts breathtaking, white-sand beaches, each offering something unique to those who venture on their shores. Cancun’s 14 miles of pristine beaches are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the striking shade of blue crystal-clear water. Some of Cancun’s best beaches include: Eastern Beaches Playa Delfines […]

Discovery Map Series: Bryce Canyon National Park Historic Map Art Print

06 Nov

Bryce Canyon National Park Maine Historic Map Art Wall Decor Poster Enjoy your memories with a Bryce Canyon Utah map art print! Great as gifts to for your adventure loving friend. All of our maps are easy to frame and uv resistant.  This Bryce Canyon Utah national park map Art wall decor print poster has […]