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22 Nov

More and more, marketers are targeting travelers over the age of 60, to open their eyes to some of the most beautiful places in the world, as well as to the ease of travel and accommodation. It’s about time, if you ask us, because the need to see the world is as appealing as it’s ever been for all ages. One of these striking spots is sizzling hot Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for its rainforests, crystal white sands, and exotic wildlife, a few of the characteristics that make the country one of the highest rated places to visit in Central America. Today we’ll be exploring Costa Rica and the ways you can make your stay phenomenal, and it only takes a few ingredients; Air BnB, eco tours and a little R&R.

Traveling into Costa Rica itself is a breeze, but we know that accommodation can get some people hung up, especially with internet resources being so vast and ever-changing. Our first tip? Skip the fancy hotel and book an Airbnb in the center of all of the magic. Engross yourself in the culture by living in a real neighborhood and living as a traveler, not just a tourist.

Don’t let the ease of booking fool you into thinking you’ll be sacrificing quality or needs. With Airbnb you can filter out amenities so you have just what you need for a comfortable stay. Check with your host about the amount of stairs in the home, or if there’s wheelchair access, to narrow down your search. One of the top hosts in Santa Barbara boasts that though there are stairs into the home, the rest of the incredibly decorated home, garden, and waterfall lays on one level. Homes like this are not rare, neither are hosts who will accommodate any needs you have! This San Jose Gem makes note that there is an elevator in the building that makes it easily accessible, while This beauty places a wheelchair ramp smack dab in the center of Cloud Forest for you.

All of these incredible Airbnb’s are in traveling distance from attractions like the Museo Nacional. If you want to get closer to La Pas waterfall or the Sarapiqui rainforest, and want to stay accessibility friendly, consider staying in Eco Guest House in Sarapiqui. Its description glorifies the surrounding diversity of wildlife, and its eco friendly home features. If you feel the need to heat things up, you have no choice but to stay at the Bio Thermales Hot Springs Natural Resort. Resort guests have access to both the hot and cool springs pools 24 hours of the day, so you can take full advantage of mother nature.

As you can see, Costa Rica is perfect for travel, for those of all ages. The right accommodation is essential, so be sure to check out the mentioned top rated hosts to ensure an incredible trip.

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