Eastern United States

23 Nov

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Tread lightly for you are on hallow ground. This is the land of hope, promise, and new beginnings. Pilgrims precede progress in this land where redcoats are routed by rebels driven by their declaration of independence from foreign rule. Cities would slowly begin to carve their way inward from the coastline as states and commerce take shape. A […]

US and World Maps

23 Nov

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Discovery is birthed in the hearts of explorers and financed by the land of kings. Loyalty is tied only to purse strings, severed by deeper pockets or the chance to break free and go rogue. Sea serpents, Indian folklore, and high seas treachery are acts played out over and over as new lands are explored. The world becomes […]

Historic Mississippi River Maps

23 Nov
Historico Upper Mississippi2

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Step back to the days when tales of Huck Finn, river rats, trappers and traders called this waterway home. Massive catfish, strong currents, and steamboats were the heartbeat of life on the river, evidenced by the many trading posts, camps, and Native American tribes peppered along its banks. More than a few explorers would lay claim to lands […]

Great Lakes Region Hand Painted Historic Maps

23 Nov

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Strong Nor’easters and stronger people forge ahead to make their homes around the banks of the Great Lakes. Monsters and myth are more real than history, and the people settle the northern prairie regions with a heartfelt sense of community and pride. Life here requires thought. Venture on carefully, constitution to withstand harsh winters and unpredictability is not […]

Framed Father of Water Maps!

05 Nov

Drumroll please…. Framed Father of Water Maps! We are tickled to offer our best seller The Father of Waters 1887 in a beautiful matted and framed version for $145!  Please visit my Etsy Page to place your order. Frames are available in a dark brown (pictured) or black, with a choice of 4 matte colors. Outside dimensions are […]

S. Augustus Mitchell -Reuniting artistry to Atlases in the late 1800’s

04 Nov

S. Augustus Mitchell Reuniting artistry to Atlases in the late 1800’s A teacher turned cartographer, Samuel Augustus Mitchell, a Connecticut native, decided that it was time for somebody to do something. Frustrated at the lack of quality resources available to teachers of geography, he uprooted himself and moved to Philadelphia where he founded his map […]