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Retailer Feature: The Importance of Branding and Interpretation

05 Mar

This year at the PLA there was a big emphasis surrounding branding and customization- this is what Great River Arts excels at! Our products are both promotional and interpretive! If you have a special shop that celebrates your area your customer very likely drove some distance to shop with you. They are looking for a […]

December 2017 Note from Lisa…Christmas delights!

03 Dec
old wood signs

    I’m very proud of my new collection of prints available on metal and wood from better gift shops in Florida, Montana, the Carolina’s, Cape Code, New York and a growing number of states! All of these are custom designs for popular travel destinations such as the Bahama’s, Hawaii, and more! These beautiful prints […]

A note from me…May

04 May

It has been a healing month at home…my first period of time off since becoming a full time artist! I have to say it’s been hard to adjust to the pace and keeping myself from becoming too overwhelmed or too lazy-resulting in the feeling of moving through molasses!I’ve had an explosive period of creativity as […]