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Travel Map Feature: 226 Rio Grande River Map

16 Apr

The fourth longest river in the U.S., the Rio Grande, originates in the Rocky Mountains at the southwestern part of Colorado, twisting like a snake across the Southwest, passing through fertile valleys, amazing canyons, mountains, and desert shelves, and eventually emptying into the Gulf of Mexico Early occupants of the Rio Grande region were Native […]

Educational Map Series: 025 Canyons of the Colorado, Arizona 1906

14 Apr
April 3 Education

Extremely beautiful colorization of Bartholomew’s Canyons of the Colorado 1906 map. Features Grand Canyon. One of Lisa’s favorites. Other sizes are available, as well as originals. Lisa’s maps are known to be some of the most beautiful hand painted maps available. All sizes are approximate. Order Your Own Copy Here For more maps in our […]

Educational Map Series: 016 Arizona Wagon Roads 1879

07 Apr
April 2 Education

This is a historic railroad map of the proposed state, created in 1876, with the proposed state outlined in yellow.. However, it also shows us stage lines, roads, trails, a proposed mail route, and propose railroad lines in addition to those already existing. The mail route would open up future business and grease the wheels […]

Travel Map Feature: 167 Colorado Highlights Custom Map

31 Mar
April 01 Travel

Colorado has the highest elevation of all the U.S. states, and it has some of the tallest mountain ranges in the U.S. as well. The state’s mountain scenery is arguably the most majestic and dramatic in the country. The State of Colorado was named after its great river the Colorado River, which Spanish explorers called […]