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Why Every Home Needs a Hand-Painted Historic Map by Lisa Middleton

01 Mar

Everybody loves a map, especially an antique map. They convey a tale of long-gone adventure, mayhem, challenges, triumphs and cultural development.  And at first glance, all eyes are glued to the intricate details and unspoken stories it tells.   Upon closer inspection, historical maps actually do tell a real story. They embrace the past with […]

Hand Painted Historical Maps are the New Black for Western Decor

19 Jan

Lisa Middleton knows a thing or two about western maps. Her company, Great River Arts, specializes in producing custom maps. Since its inception, she has created hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces for clients scattered across the globe. Her exclusive client list grows each year, because of the quality of her work. That quality has […]

Here Be Dragons?

06 Jan

Let’s talk about dragons for a moment. Take a look at any antique map from the 15th or 16th century, then walk forward through time to present day. You can literally see the world take shape, through cartography, as new explorations and discoveries were made. Along with those findings were close encounters of fantastical, never-before-seen […]

Piri Reis, A Problem Among Antarctica Antique Maps

16 Dec

Here’s one to throw around during your next cocktail party. The year was 1929, and the date was October 9th. German theologian Gustav Deissmann was rummaging through maps and books housed in the Topkapi Palace library, located in Istanbul, Turkey. While doing so, he discovered one of the most curious antique maps ever made. It […]