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Constellation Charts Part 3: September, August, July + June, May, April

13 May
june may april celestial

The Constellations (September, August, July; June, May, April) Star gazing into the night sky creates a sense of wonder and curiosity. The names of the constellations, their stars, the image they create and their place in the heavens, all play into what makes celestial maps so intriguing and useful in understanding the stars. September’s ten […]

Celestial Charts Part 2: North and South Pole Constellations

09 May
north and south pole celestial maps

As stars change positions in the night sky based on the seasons, so do the constellations, and interestingly enough, there are some constellations that are unique to the northern and southern hemisphere, known as circumpolar constellations. “The Constellations (South Pole; North Pole),” engraved by W.G Evans, under the direction of Elijah H. Burritt, shows a […]

Educational Map Series: Burritt’s Geography of the Heavens Part 1

06 May

Eighteenth and 19th century technologies transformed the way the night sky was observed and led to the discovery of celestial wonders, from stars, galaxies, meteors, moons, planets and comets, to nebulae. The result was, in part, the creation of celestial maps that showed an exponential number of stars in the heavens, adding to the awe […]

Old Map Studies: Piri Reis, A Problem Among Antarctica Antique Maps!

02 May

Here’s one to throw around during your next cocktail party. The year was 1929, and the date was October 9th. German theologian Gustav Deissmann was rummaging through maps and books housed in the Topkapi Palace library, located in Istanbul, Turkey. While doing so, he discovered one of the most curious antique maps ever made. It […]

Book Feature: Railroad Stories Volume 1 Ebook sample!

25 Apr

An Anthology of True Adventures, Humorous Tales, and High Melodrama Written by Those Who Lived the Era! Edited, with Introductions by Michael Gillespie. Full Index, Glossary, and dozens of Historic Steam Rail Photographs. Download your instant sample today!                 Get your copy rigth here:

Educational Map Series: More to discover from an Ortelius Classic

22 Apr

Enjoy our educational map series every Sunday night! According to Philip D. Burden, in his book entitled, The Mapping of North America: 1671-1700, Peruuiae avriferae regions typus, “is one of the very few maps printed in the sixteenth century that was based upon original Spanish sources…. The first regional map of the south-eastern portion of […]

Educational Map Series: LaSalle’s Long Lost Map!

15 Apr
canada FB download

Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionnale Compiled between 1909 and 1910 from his original 1688 map, which was based on a lost map drawn up by René-Robert Cavelier La Salle, Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franquelin’s map titled “Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionnale” translated “Map of North America,” is a highly significant map depicting the French discoveries and exploration in the region 20 years […]

Mother’s and Father’s Day Easy shopping options!

13 Apr

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Retailer feature: Framing print samples for Maximum Sales

11 Apr

Our hand-painted historical maps make a unique, attractive addition to any room of the house. They feature a wide variety of locations and span many different eras. Our maps serve as a window back in time, and many of of them are an accurate representation of the geography of ages past. However, please keep in […]