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Retailer Feature: Mastering the Art of Lighting for Maximum Print Sales!

14 Mar

There are many ways you can increase sales of our hand-painted historical maps without investing a lot of time or money. Utilizing proper lighting is one of the best ways you can attract the attention of your customers. Lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere, and allows your customers to fully appreciate the intricate details of our […]

Old Map Studies: The Controversy of the Round Earth Theory!

07 Mar

The Controversy of the World Not Being Flat The idea that all people believed the Earth was flat until the Age of Discovery and Christopher Columbus sailing West is a myth. While some people did believe that the Earth was flat then and even still do today, among educated circles dating as far back as […]

Help your customers design their own maps!

01 Mar

Help Your Customers Design their own Maps! Perfect for Family estates, ranches, resorts, vacations and milestones! Why work with us: 1. Effortless fulfillment services- you just close the sale and charge what you want! 2. Proven Customer service and sample work. 3. Satisfied customers include Wisconsin Public Radio, Farm Bureau Insurance, and Turner Enterprises. Payment: Our list price is $3,500 […]

Book Feature: 5-Book Railroad Bundle by Michael Gillespie

28 Feb

BUNDLE AND SAVE More than $25! Limited time offer! Michael Gillespie’s 5-book River and Rail Steam Bundle! A $110 Gift Pack of our Most Popular Paperback Transportation books for Just $90! A perfect match for Lisa Middleton’s historic maps from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries! Paperback series of Mike Gillespie’s most beloved […]

Retailer Feature: The importance of placement and rotation of product for maximum sales

14 Feb

At Great River Arts, we often tell our customers to focus on placement. Where you hang a piece of artwork in your house can have a great effect on its mood and impact. In some cases, proper placement can even determine whether a painting gets constant complements or goes completely unnoticed. When displaying our historical […]

Custom Map Feature: Get your Lake on the Map!

07 Feb
get your lake on the map

We’re working on a lake series for a new client and we’d love to make your lake!! If you’d like your very own Lake Map before Christmas be sure to place your order before Nov. 1.  No custom order fee! No setup fee! Almost all lakes accepted. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.   […]

OLD MAP STUDIES: A Timeline of The Age of Discovery and Notable Explorations

07 Feb

To Be updated! The Age of Discovery and Exploration began around the 15th Century. Over the centuries there were many technical advancements in ship and map making and they reached an apex for most Europeans (save the Vikings) in the 1400’s. The Age of Discovery largely began with the King of Portugal known as Henry […]