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31 Jul

Special Note from Lisa

For those of you who haven’t noticed my team and I have segwayed into more and more maps of a custom, modern nature!

I now work with a few different cartographers from around the country that have a unique knack for creating maps for us that are simple and elegant:

All of the information on the maps are collected from online public and private geodata services…computer archives that are a whole new computer language! You’ve heard of JPG’s right? PDF’s? Well, the geodata files are in a file called DAT!

Sometimes, the geodata has misspellings, or the data is out of date, or there is a missing bridge or one city is represented larger or smaller than it really is. This causes a lot of concern when someone orders and map and has it framed. OH NO….that makes me feel super bad too!

We try to proofread the maps, and make changes as part of our 3 step map design process.   Here are what some of our works in process look like: 


Sometimes we just can’t catch all of the mistakes.

So as you browse my website and enjoy my maps please let me know if you see errors!

We are able to make those corrections seasonally or as demand requires.

I want you to know I really appreciate your help if you spot an error!

In fact- if you are interested in being a proofreader I will be happy to offer you some completed gift maps as a thank you!

Please let me know if you’d like to be a proofreader!

Happy trails until we meet again!


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