S. Augustus Mitchell -Reuniting artistry to Atlases in the late 1800’s

04 Nov

S. Augustus Mitchell Reuniting artistry to Atlases in the late 1800’s A teacher turned cartographer, Samuel Augustus Mitchell, a Connecticut native, decided that it was time for somebody to do something. Frustrated at the lack of quality resources available to teachers of geography, he uprooted himself and moved to Philadelphia where he founded his map […]

Map biz news

30 Sep

If you see me buzzing around in my “mapmobile” you’ll see my bright yellow door magnets!  I like to be a private person but I can’t resist the opportunity to spread the word about my hand painted maps as I take trips across the country…I’m presently booking shows in Florida, Arizona, and California!I’m also working […]

October Raffle Winner

30 Sep

If you would like to sign up for our MONTHLY RAFFLE please sign up for the newsletter here! The winner of this month’s raffle will win the 1/50 signed 18×24 Giclee of Augustus Mitchell’s Map of Oregon, Upper California, and New Mexico my new favorite! The atlas page alone is valued at $1400 and it looks like this without […]

THANK YOU sale in my Shop!

17 Sep

It was great to take a little break from summer shows and I’m eager to get back on the road!Please be sure to visit my shop for my newest maps!Okinawa, Washington Wagon Roads, and more!I am now finding myself falling more and more in love with old maps and I love them more the more […]

New Fave….Pre Gold Rush 1849 Map of Oregon, upper California and New Mexico

17 Sep

  1849 Map of Oregon, upper California and New Mexico-Mitchell This map is an example of Mitchell’s 1849 map of the West, at the time of the discovery of gold in California and immediate after the completion of Fremont’s final expedition.This is one of the best maps of the West of the era, reflecting the […]