The Joys of Being A Map Collector!

05 Nov
Oh the joys of being a map collector!

Maps illustrate both history and curiosity. Created over the centuries by people just like you and me, maps describe the world as they understood it, doing the best with the light they had to see by. When I see dear old maps-misconstrued proportions and sea monsters-I want to pinch the cheeks of our early relatives and say “you are so darn cute!”

If there is one thing I’ve learned from these dear old maps is that future generations will benefit from our explorations.

Each of us have a unique way of traveling into the unknown…where “there be dragons” of our own.

This holiday season I hope you are able to cherish every moment with your loved ones. It’s a gift in itself to be able to take moment for those in our lives that help us on our sojourn.

Best wishes!

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