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Custom Map Feature: Get your Lake on the Map!

07 Feb
get your lake on the map

We’re working on a lake series for a new client and we’d love to make your lake!! If you’d like your very own Lake Map before Christmas be sure to place your order before Nov. 1.  No custom order fee! No setup fee! Almost all lakes accepted. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.   […]

OLD MAP STUDIES: A Timeline of The Age of Discovery and Notable Explorations

07 Feb

To Be updated! The Age of Discovery and Exploration began around the 15th Century. Over the centuries there were many technical advancements in ship and map making and they reached an apex for most Europeans (save the Vikings) in the 1400’s. The Age of Discovery largely began with the King of Portugal known as Henry […]


04 Feb
the lost map of drake small jpg

  Originally produced by Dutch cartographer and engraver Nicola van Sype, and perhaps published in Antwerp in 1581, La herdike enterprise faict par le Signeur Draeck D’Avoir cirquit toute la Terre is believed to be drawn from a copy of the Queen’s map, also known as the “Whitehall Map,” a large scale map that Francis […]

New! Beautiful Map series of The South Carolina Coast!

21 Dec

Join us on our newest map series! Carolina Coasts Maps! Mix and match for your truly unique ensemble! Hilton Head, South Carolina BUY NOW! Charleston Including Isle of Palms and Kiawah BUY NOW! Beaufort and the Sea Islands, South Carolina BUY NOW!   Make it Easy With our custom framing services! Free shipping for the […]

Map of North America, lost map from La Salle

03 Dec

Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionnale   Compiled between 1909 and 1910 from his original 1688 map, which was based on a lost map drawn up by René-Robert Cavelier La Salle, Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franquelin’s map titled “Carte de l’Amerique Septentrionnale, translated “Map of North America,” is a highly significant map depicting the French discoveries and exploration in the […]