Weekly Map Giveaway Winner!

26 Jan

Sign up for our weekly map give-away here! This week’s mystery winner is… swoolley@ If your email address starts with “swoolley″ please email me at: lisa@greatriverarts.com to claim your free map! The entire email address has been omitted for your privacy. The name on this page is changed weekly, and chosen with “randomnamepicker.org” Thank you […]

Lisa’s Favorite book and travel finds from January 2019!

23 Jan

As a constant traveler and map enthusiast I would like to share some of the products I’ve discovered and have been informed about from customers and friends from across the country! YES please click on my affiliate link- it will help support the restoration of historic travel maps and my custom map design service. I […]

Travel Map Feature: 222 Custom map of Tucson, Arizona

22 Jan

Nicknamed the Optics Valley, Tucson is situated on an alluvial plain in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tortolita Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains, Rincon Mountains, and the Tucson Mountains. The first humans are believed to have lived in Tucson about 10,000 BCE, with the migrations of Paleo-Indians and Archaic hunters and gatherers. […]

Educational Map Series: 069 Les Etats Unis 1781

20 Jan

This map is expertly drawn and features the region that stretches from the Mississippi Valley upwards towards the Appalachian Mountains. This map was drawn right around the time of the American Revolution by French mapmaker Rigoberto Bonne. Bonne was a noted cartographer of his day in that his works begin to detour from the traditional […]

Travel Map Feature: 258 Scuba Dives and Beaches of Cozumel

15 Jan

This map of the Scuba Dives of Cozumel is a wonderful tribute to the most beautiful diving in the world! Known to scuba divers everywhere, Cozumel is unquestionably the top destination. Show your support by giving this amazing map to the scuba diver in your life or commemorate this wonderful place in your own home! […]

Educational Map Series: 039 Father of Waters 1887 Mississippi River

13 Jan

This reproduction of a rare Mississippi River “ribbon map” was drawn by Captain Willard Glazier to “prove” his premise that the True Source of the Mississippi was Lake Glazier rather than Lake Itasca. Looking for modern day towns on an old map? Many modern-day towns are included in this. It also contains many towns noted […]

Travel Map Feature: Beaufort and the Sea Islands, South Carolina

08 Jan

Discovered by Spanish Captain Pedro de Salaza in 1514, Beaufort is the second oldest city in South Carolina, behind Charleston, and is situated in the heart of the Sea Islands and South Carolina Lowcountry, on Port Royal Island. It was chartered by the British in 1711, and is known for its scenic location and for preserving a […]

Educational Map Series: 147 Zachary Taylor’s Seat of War in Florida, 1839

07 Jan

This map was produced by the United States Bureau of topographical engineers in the year 1839. It was produced at the order of Brvt. Brig. General Z. Taylor depicting the territory of what would later become the state of Florida. Much detail went into its creation by the Bureau of topographical engineers. If you look closely you […]

Educational Map Series: 026 Carte De La Louisiane, French United States c.1731

30 Dec

De L’Isle’s “Carte de la Louisiane” published in approximately 1731 would become the primary reference source for exploration of the Mississippi and Missouri river valleys and was used by other cartographers as late as 1797. Believed to be the oldest map consulted in the planning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. All sizes are approximate. […]