Travel Map Feature: Lake Keowee, South Carolina

14 Jul

The Lake Keowee region supports a diverse flora and fauna. Aquatic plants include alligatorweed, coon’s tail, waterweed, while common species of trees comprises bald cypress, water tupelo, red maple, sweetgum, water ash and water oak. An abundance of fish can be found in Lake Keowee, including carp, spotted sucker, redbreast sunfish, silver redhorse, spottail shiner, […]

Discovery Map Series: Na Mokupuni O Hawaii Nei Historical Map Of Hawaii 1837

12 Jul

The map “Na mokupuni O Hawaii Nei,” published in 1837 by Kulanui Lahainaluna, Maui is the first separate map of the Hawaiian Islands published in Hawaii and the first Hawaiian-language map of the islands. It is the work of Simona P. Kalama, who engraved and drew the map. Kalama was a top student engraver at […]

Discovery Map Series: 050 Hawaii 1906, Bartholomew

05 Jul

This hand-painted map, Hawaii, 1906, is derived from the work of John Bartholomew of Edinburgh, Scotland. Bartholomew was a cartographer, as well as a map and atlas publisher, who emerged from a renowned line of map-makers that created the map-making business that was known as John Bartholomew and Son Ltd. Along with his brothers, Peter […]

Discovery Map Series: Exploration of Antarctica

28 Jun

No map collection is complete without a nod in direction of Antarctican maps, the steely continent yet unmastered by men, the historic maps of which still allude to mysteries both known and unknown. Before the turn of the 20th century, there was limited exploration and scientific activity on and around the Antarctic continent. Exploration campaigns […]

Discovery Map Series: Authorized map of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1934

21 Jun

Issued by the General Food Corporation in 1934, the work “Authorized Map of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition” is a fascinating, colored pictorial map that focuses on the exploration and discovery of Antarctica and Richard E. Byrd’s role in the adventure. Byrd was an explorer and naval aviator, who became a pioneer in navigating long […]

Travel Map Feature: Port Clinton, Marblehead Island, and the Lake Erie Islands

16 Jun

The Ohio regions of Port Clinton, Marblehead and Lake Erie Islands are rich in history and scenic beauty, and attracts many each year, who are looking for fun, adventure or relaxation. From miles of beautiful shoreline, to fun-filled activities that nature facilitates, these Ohio treasures offer thrilling experiences and memories. Port Clinton is located along […]