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3 Ways a Hand Painted Historical Map Can Help Your Business Grow

24 Aug

That hand painted historical map on your wall could be working for you. It could help you generate a healthier bottom line. It not only gives your office a more prestigious look but it can actually improve your bottom line by using the intimacy phenomenon!

Let me show you how Great River Arts can help you increase your bottom line….

“We have been selling hand painted historic maps for ten years and you know what we’ve learned? EVERYONE gets excited about historic maps!” says owner and artist Lisa Middleton. This means, if you have one hanging on your wall, you have a great selling tool at your disposal.

You own a business, and as such, are always looking for ways to increase your bottom line. Historical map paintings from Great River Arts can do just that. Their maps not only have a timeless quality, but they are painted to create a unique and compelling atmosphere. They will always look elegant, they will always tell a story… and they will always help help your bottom line. You just have to understand the inherit value of owning one. Let’s look for a moment at the benefits a vintage map reproduction can make for your business.

Hand Painted Historical Maps are More Than Just Fancy Wallpaper

1. They Make great Conversation Starters. When clients enter your office, they are looking for things to notice about you so they can make a connection. They look at the photos on your desk, the awards on your wall, anything they can use as a starting point to begin a conversation. A well placed historical map reproduction can provide just that. If you see a potential client or customer notice your custom map, use that as a conversation starter. From there, you can guide the conversation toward all things business. Your custom hand painted historic map is a way to establish great rapport with your clients. Who knew it could be that easy?


This world hemisphere map would make a great conversation starter. If interested, click the image to purchase.


2. Use the Map as a Starter When You are Away. Don’t let the fact that your vintage map reproduction is hanging on a wall limit you. Just because your Great River Arts map “lives” in one place, does not mean that it has to stay there. On the contrary, use it as a tool as often as you can when you need to get a conversation going. If you are in a potential client’s office and notice they have a map, you can say something like, “Nice map. I have one of _________ . It is important to me because _________. What is your map for?” Even if you don’t see one, scan the room for a connecting point, tie it to your map, and start the conversation. There is great value in having two or three conversation starters whenever you are going to pitch a potential client. Use your custom map as one of them


I grew up around the Mississippi. Several of my maps feature it is the subject. Click the image for more information.

3. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words. It could be worth much more in monetary terms. Snap a pic of your vintage map reproduction and keep it on your phone. Whenever you launch into a conversation and reference your custom map, you have a reason to get closer to your potential client. They will want to see the picture because you are going to ask them to take a look. This creates a more intimate environment, and a shift occurs, even if they do not recognize it. By being closer to them, and them allowing you to be closer, you gain more trust from that individual (just be sure you follow through, and deliver with your goods and services, or you will lose it all).

This intimacy phenomena is akin to “not accepting candy from strangers.” Think about that with me for a moment. If we really held to that belief, Halloween would be a dismal failure for millions of children every year. Yet, we have built trust in the holiday, and therefore, let our children participate. They go up to complete strangers once each year, ask for, and EXPECT candy. The repetitive nature of the holiday, and the fact that millions of people do the same, create a sort of communal intimacy. It allows us to place trust in complete strangers. Your historical map can have the same effect on potential clients. Use it.

You get the idea right? You only purchase a map because there is a certain nostalgia and sentiment attached to the subject of the vintage map reproduction. There are certain feelings you get every time you look at it. Why not use those to conduct business too? All of a sudden, your custom map from Great River Arts becomes a fantastic selling tool that will never wear out. If you don’t own one yet, place your order now. The holiday season is right around the corner and these would make a great gift for any business owner you know!

Also, be sure to check the blog weekly for updates and more posts. Still want more from Great River Arts? Like us on Facebook and visit us online! 

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