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5 People That Would Love a Hand Painted Map Gift

10 Nov

You can smell cinnamon in the aisles at your favorite department store. Green and red are beginning to pop up inconspicuously. Christmas has a way of sneaking up on you. before you know it, you will go into marathon gift buying mode, scrambling purchase something meaningful for the people you love. Well, this year, why not give them a gift from Great River Arts? Antique maps are all the rage right now, but they can be extremely expensive. Our hand painted historical maps are more personal and evoke the same sort of nostalgia. ”Who might want one?” you ask. Well, the following five people would love to receive a custom map for Christmas!

The Top 5 Hand Painted Antique Map Candidates


One of many custom hand painted antique maps we have available for purchase. Click the image for more information.

1. Your Dad. There a million reasons why you love him. A custom map helps you show just how much. Typically, dads love the Old West. The wide open spaces of Montana, or the classic John Wayne movies featuring California in its rough and tumble days get his adrenaline going. Give him a map featuring those areas, or choose a particular section that you know he is fond of. He will love you for it!

2. Your Son. With dreams of grandeur and aspirations of greatness, why not deck his office out with a nice giclee of New York City, Philadelphia or some other metropolitan area? These hand painted historical maps would look great on his wall or desk top. Plus, he will think of you every time he sees it!

3. Your Mother. With one of our custom maps, you can literally give your mom the world! The World in Hemispheres, all wrapped up with ribbons and bows would make an excellent Christmas gift. She will cherish it forever (making them antique maps in the long run), simply because they came from you!


Your mom would love something like this. Click the picture for more options!

4. New Homeowners. Do you have friends that have purchased a new home perhaps? Nothing say “house warming gift” like a nice hand painted historical map. It makes a great conversation piece for any guest, and the intimate nature of the gift serves as a reminder of how developed the friendship is.

5. Your Husband. The king of the home, the man of the hour, the “honey” on your “honey do” list… get your husband a hand painted antique map. You know his favorite locations and we could make something special for him. This is one of the classiest gifts you could get for him. He will absolutely love it!

Think a bit more and you are bound to add a few more people to this list. That is the thing about custom maps. They are so diverse that they make perfect gifts for any one you know. Why? Well, that one is easy. People love the unique. That is why antique maps have hit the scene with such force. Our hand painted historical maps are exactly the same. Once we custom make one for you, it is unique to you forever. Few gifts speak to that sort of individuality.

We have many hand painted originals in stock. You may also contact the artist directly at with any questions or requests. If you would like more updates, please follow us on Facebook. We look forward to working with you!

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