Exploring with the help of a trusty friend

18 Jul

This summer is the season of adventure and making your new memories. A huge part of summer is traveling. But, once you get to your destination how are you going to find your way around in your dream location? You need a map! A map is a necessity on any trip you decide to go on. Navigation and getting to your destination are essential and a map just makes it easier on you.

Keeping it Traditional

As mentioned earlier, it’s a traveling must have to own a map but, especially in the modern age we may see there is a loss for a paper map. Stores don’t have as many in stock as in the past and finding accurate historical maps are a hit or miss. Why? Well, the electronic GPS has taken over. This can either be a GPS on your phone or the small system you can use in your car.There is a small problem with this method. An electronic GPS may not always be 100% reliable. Your phone’s battery can die or get really low before you can charge it again or you can have technicial difficulties with the GPS in your car. A paper map is always the best route to go! Paper doesn’t need to be charged an doesn’t malfunction unexpectedly.

Get Your Own Map

Finding paper maps can be challenge to find especially with the evolution of the digital map. But, this map below is is a hand printed historical map of Upper California and New Mexico. If you look closely you can see the detail of the historical references made on the map. The cities, the colors and even the scales of the miles are beautifully done and painted. This hand painted map from 1849 that you need can be found here: Upper California and New Mexico Map.


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