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01 Jul

So, you’ve heard about Key West right? Of course you have; the crystal clear beaches, bike tours and historical sites. We’re here to help you make the best of your next visit so relax, kick back and let us guide you all around the beauty that is Key West!

Now word on the street is, Key West is the only city among the lower 48 states that never experiences frost. Sounds to us like the perfect seasonal vacation spot, even when you’re simply traveling from mainland Florida! Weather is everything when you’re on a getaway, Key West is most enjoyable from November to April, with rainy season making up the rest of the year.

Key West is full of things to do for its visitors, one of the top attractions being the infamous Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Voted the #1 attraction in Key West, the conservatory boasts a tour through the natural home of 60 species of butterflies, along with birds, insects and a variety of plants. Visit their learning center for more detailed information on the life of butterflies including anatomy and place of origin!

After you take a trip through that natural paradise,think about heading over to the home of one of the most honored novelists of all time, Ernest Hemingway. According to the home-turned-museum, Mr. Hemingway lived and wrote there for over 10 years! Take a morning to breathe in the inspiration and wander through the very halls he and his wife decorated via a great tour. The home still contains the furniture used by him and his family, and even more, the cats that roam the grounds are descendants of the 40 cats Ernest owned while living there! A recent visitor raves “A must stop on any trip to Key West. Our guide was so informed and a great story teller. So much literary history behind that brick wall and don’t even get me started on the six-toed cats!”

Another beautiful attraction on the island of Key West is the historic Lighthouse. The lighthouse beams over the city, providing a panoramic view of the island. Island visitors can take on all 88 spiral steps for the view, and get to take a special look at photographs and belongings of the former lighthouse keepers. Other travelers describe the lighthouse and its memorabilia as “precious and quaint”.

Seeing such marvelous sites, may work up an appetite. If you’re in need of a quick bite to eat and a bit more of a relaxed environment, we’ve got the perfect spot for you to wind down your day. Take a trip over to Mallory Square for an afternoon of fun, celebration and entertainment. You can visit A&B Lobster House for a seafood filled lunch before you head over to the boardwalk for an afternoon of shopping. Be sure to stick around until sunset, because every night in Mallory Square, there’s an incredible sunset celebration that you can’t miss! Running over 55 years strong, Sunset Celebration is host to local musicians, food, vendors, clowns, jugglers and even magicians! Enjoy this entertainment as you watch the sun set into a pink and orange abyss.

So whether you’re taking a weekend trip with your partner, or a seasonal vacation from mainland Florida, be sure to take a peek at these gems during your stay!





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