Give Them The World This Christmas

30 Nov

Why not give that special person in your life the world this Christmas season? That’s right, with the holidays practically knocking at your door, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone. Our world map, Nova Totius, will fit the bill nicely. It is classic, timeless, and will make a beautiful statement in any room. Of all the historical antique maps we have to offer, this is by far our top seller. It is perfect for the dad who is a history buff, or the person in your life who enjoys high quality historical artwork.


Nova Totius is the perfect Christmas Gift. Click the picture to purchase one.

A Historical Gem Among Antique Maps

Nova Totius contains striking details of the world as it was known in the year 1605. Originally produced by William Blaeu, this map is significant in a few ways. Perhaps most importantly, it was the first World map to place the Prime Meridian in the center. However, aesthetically it is known much more for its border elements. Across the top are representations of the sun, moon and the five known planets at the time. Those planets would be none other than Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and of course Saturn. A bright, brilliant display, they are symbolic and allegorical in their representation.

Along the sides are a few other interesting elements. The left features the four elements, fire, water, air and earth. The right prominently and beautifully displays the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Yet, perhaps the most striking detail lies at the bottom of the map. Here we find the seven ancient wonders of the known world. They are as follows:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Colossus over the Harbor at Rhodo

The Great Pyramids

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus at Caria

The Temple of Diane

The Statue of Jupiter

The Conical Lighthouse of Alexandria.

All of these decorative border illustrations speak to the rich aesthetic attention to detail that was given to the map. These details play out further on the map face itself. Look closely and you can see several ships and sea monsters roaming about the ocean. Each one was drawn with great detail. Attention was even given to the Compass Rose. It as as much an artistic element as it is navigational. This map was iconic for its day, prominently featured as a part of the Blaeu atlas for almost 30 years (1630–1658).

This map what ultimately be replaced by the two hemispheres map which you have probably seen in more than a few locations in your lifetime. However, this is the map that started it all and as such has become quite a collectors item. Place your order today and make this a Christmas to remember. We also have this map available as a scarf if there is a certain special lady in your life you need to buy for.

In addition, we also have many other items available in our online store. Take a moment to browse our inventory. There are so many great hand painted antique maps. Any of them would make perfect gifts this time of year. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are ready to help you make this a very Merry Christmas!

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