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13 Jun

When your customers search through your store looking to fall in love with a new piece of artwork, there are plenty of things you can do to make their search easier. One of the best ways you can enhance their experience is by improving your displays. By investing in backing boards, barrels, and bins, you’ll be able to create easy-to-navigate displays that present our maps in a pleasing manner. Consequently, you’ll make your customers far more likely to make a purchase!


Create the Perfect Display with Gridwall

Backing board is an extremely useful tool in the retail environment. It offers an alternative, modern approach to hanging artwork on the wall, and gridwall is one of our favorite backing board options. Gridwall displays are made up of sturdy metal panels that will allow you to display your artwork much more effectively than before.

These handy panels can be fitted with metal hooks that will allow you to arrange the historical maps in a pleasing symmetrical display for your customers. “Enhance your gridwall displays with hooks made specifically for those displays. From 2″ to a foot long, you’ll find gridwall hooks for practically every application,” according to the Gershel Brothers website.


Pro Panels: Lightweight and Visually Pleasing

Like gridwall, Pro Panels are an excellent choice for displaying products in a retail setting. However, what makes Pro Panels stand out from gridwall is that they were designed specifically to showcase artwork.  According to the official Pro Panel website, “Museums, galleries, art leagues, conventions, corporations, non-profits and retailers have all benefited from using our display system.”

Pro Panels allow you to display many different art pieces against a solid background. They come in a variety of colors, and can easily be moved around your shop if you want to rearrange your inventory. They prevent you from having to drill holes in your walls to nail new artwork, and they create a professional appearance for your customers that will impress them time and time again.


Keep Things Organized with Bins and Barrels

Sometimes, you don’t have room in your shop to display every piece of artwork on the wall. For smaller, less expensive pieces, bins and barrels are a great alternative to hanging. They free up precious wall space for your more expensive items, and they allow your customers to “do some digging” and really get involved in the process of finding the perfect art piece. Imagine a customer’s excitement when they dig through a barrel and uncover hidden treasure in the form of a new painting for their living room wall!

Barrels are an especially great choice because they offer decorative value as well as being a great way to display your merchandise. They’ll spice up the atmosphere of your shop with a rustic, old-fashioned vibe. They pair especially well with our historical maps, and align very well with the old-fashioned feel of our artwork.


By following these suggestions, you’ll be able to keep your shop well-organized and beautifully decorated.

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