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Educational Map Series: 147 Zachary Taylor’s Seat of War in Florida, 1839

07 Jan

This map was produced by the United States Bureau of topographical engineers in the year 1839. It was produced at the order of Brvt. Brig. General Z. Taylor depicting the territory of what would later become the state of Florida. Much detail went into its creation by the Bureau of topographical engineers. If you look closely you […]

Educational Map Series: 026 Carte De La Louisiane, French United States c.1731

30 Dec

De L’Isle’s “Carte de la Louisiane” published in approximately 1731 would become the primary reference source for exploration of the Mississippi and Missouri river valleys and was used by other cartographers as late as 1797. Believed to be the oldest map consulted in the planning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. All sizes are approximate. […]

Travel Map Feature: 258 Scuba Dives and Beaches of Cozumel

28 Dec

This map of the Scuba Dives of Cozumel is a wonderful tribute to the most beautiful diving in the world! Known to scuba divers everywhere, Cozumel is unquestionably the top destination. Show your support by giving this amazing map to the scuba diver in your life or commemorate this wonderful place in your own home! […]

Educational Map Series: The Seminole War Era Map

24 Dec

Secretary of War John Joseph Poinset commissioned this map to be made by Washington Hood in 1838. Incidentally, the Christmas plant we know as the Poinsettia gets its name from Poinset. He discovered the beautiful red leafed flower while on assignment as the United States Minister to Mexico. After he held this position, he became […]

Travel Map Feature: 221 Custom map of The Historical Landmarks of Santa Fe

20 Dec
Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe, meaning holy faith in Spanish, was founded between 1607 and 1610 by Spanish colonists, and is the highest in elevation and oldest state capital in the United States. At an altitude over 7,000 feet situated in the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains, Santa Fe is New Mexico’s fourth […]

Educational Map Series: Sir Fancis Drake and the New World

17 Dec

Originally produced by Dutch cartographer and engraver Nicola van Sype, and perhaps published in Antwerp in 1581 , La herdike enterprise faict par le Signeur Draeck D’Avoir cirquit toute la Terre is believed to be drawn from a copy of the Queen’s map, also known as the “Whitehall Map,” a large scale map that Francis Drake presented […]

Travel Map Feature: 283-Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

14 Dec

As the largest man-made lake in the Midwestern United States, Lake of the Ozarks extends across the Missouri counties of Benton, Camden, Morgan and Miller. It has a surface area of 54,000 acres and 1,150 miles of shoreline, with the main channel of the Osage Arm stretching for 92 miles and a total drainage area over […]

Educational Map Series: 126 Upper Territories of the United States 1814

09 Dec

This 1814 map of the upper territories of the United States depicts a time in our nation’s history when fur trade was the order of the day. The fur trade had it roots in Wisconsin and began to spread west over time. States such as Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan were known for their involvement […]