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Travel Map Feature: 167 Colorado Highlights Custom Map

31 Mar
April 01 Travel

Colorado has the highest elevation of all the U.S. states, and it has some of the tallest mountain ranges in the U.S. as well. The state’s mountain scenery is arguably the most majestic and dramatic in the country. The State of Colorado was named after its great river the Colorado River, which Spanish explorers called […]

Travel Map Feature: 269-San Juan Island, Salish Sea

19 Mar
3.4 Trave copy

Forget about a tropical retreat for a moment and think of a panoramic valley, dotted with cows, vineyards, iconic lighthouses, whale watching in the distance, and lush forest. San Juan Island is one of four islands, and the second-largest of the San Juan Archipelago, located in the northwest region of the contiguous United States between the […]

Educational Map Series: Africae Nova

10 Mar
3.2 Educational

This mid-17th century map, Africae Nova Tabula, created by the Dutch cartographer Jodocus Hondius (1563-1612), is a beautiful decorative map of the continent of Africa, and was published in 1640 in Paris by Chez Iean Boisseau. Jodocus Hondius established himself as one of the most prominent geographers and engravers during the 17th century. Amsterdam was […]

Travel Map Feature: Lake Norman, North Carolina

07 Mar
3.2 Travel Map

The Lake Norman region supports a diverse flora and fauna. Aquatic plants include alligatorweed, coon’s tail, waterweed, while common species of trees comprises bald cypress, water tupelo, red maple, sweetgum, water ash and water oak. An abundance of fish can be found in Lake Norman, including carp, spotted sucker, redbreast sunfish, silver redhorse, spottail shiner, […]

Travel Map Feature: North and South Hutchinson Island

03 Mar
Untitled-3 copy

Hutchinson Island is known for its beautiful, pristine, sandy beaches, nature preserves and parks. The long, thin island stretches for 23 miles and is over a mile wide at various points. It is situated roughly Northwest to Southeast and bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Indian River on the west, the […]

Educational Map Series: Portolan Chart of Africa

03 Mar
3.1 Educational

In 1633, Pascal Roiz created the nautical chart titled by cataloger, A Portolan Chart of the Atlantic Ocean and Adjacent Continents. Pascoal Roiz was a Portuguese cartographer and portolan maker with origins in Lisbon and who was active during the 17th century. This historical portolan chart shows the Atlantic Ocean, southeast Pacific Ocean, the southwest […]